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Dec 2017
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Are you always curious as to what Kendall and Kylie are wearing? You’re in luck because our partner site aims to provide you guys a peek into the sisters’ wardrobes. Head on over to KendallKylieJStyle now!

Nov 2017
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We are currently looking for new sites to join Jenner-News.com’s affiliates list. If you are interested, apply here! We are also looking for staff to help with the sites (Jenner-News and JennerPhotos) and our Twitter. Send us an email at jennernewsdotcom@gmail.com if you are interested.

Jun 2017
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Hello, everyone and welcome to the new Jenner-News.com! Previously, we were a fan site on Tumblr supporting Kendall and Kylie Jenner since 2012. Now, we have relaunched and moved here. We’re glad to be back updating, and we hope you are too!